Each project is special and thus deserves to be treated with a fresh mind-set!

To mold the solution that's just right for you, our engineers draw from a considerable palette of conceptual, technical, and creative modules:
  • Conception
    No matter how demanding or even exotic your ideas may seem at first – we create innovative scenarios of audio deployment in your environment: Events, theaters, exhibitions, concerts, installed sound, audio-branding, media-art...

  • Realization
    Making use of the most advanced audio paradigms and the latest in audio technology we plan your project in detail

  • Development
    Where standard audio software products hit their limits, we develop powerful project-specific software solutions

  • Composition
    Sound design, music, sound tracks, are produced precisely to your aesthetic standards and needs

  • System Integration
    Out of the hardware-, software-, and content-modules chosen we create a seamlessly integrated system

  • Quality Control
    Due to the long life-cycles of our installations we provide qualified maintenance to keep your system running smoothly