Audio in transportation systems

In the past, railway hubs and stations have been planned and implemented without much thought to the audio infrastructure. Due to the higher noise level of ever bigger trains plus outdated and often malfunctioning public address systems, the acoustic shortcomings have recently become strikingly evident. Bad audio implies bad information flow to the customer, directly leading to annoyances and decreasing customer satisfaction. Good audio system design and acoustics enable a secure information flow to the customer which strongly contributes to a consistent, above average, travel experience.

BIT.trans is a proven suite of modular audio concepts. BIT.trans systematically analyzes and defines the deployment of audio in railway systems for different purposes such as conveying information, signals, and moods. A global framework targeted at the general issues as well as detailed solutions are specified, including signal transmission, audio retrieval, and content programming.

Overall and full detail concepts on audio in transportation systems:

  • Audio-Branding
  • Audio-Information
  • Audio-Technologies

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