Cuckoo Clock Performance Choir

CooCooChoir is an innovative installation, that teleports the famous black-forest clock into the 21st century!

Eight or more wall-mounted black forest clocks are forming a traditional choir: Two matched clocks each represent the soprano, alto, tenor, and bass voices. The clocks' cuckoo figures have been connected to a computer which now rapidly controls their movements. When a cuckoo starts to sing its musical choir part it is rushing out of its little house and opens and closes its wings and beak in rhythm with the melody it is performing.

For each piece of music being produced with loudspeakers near each clock the cuckoos perform a complex choreography unique to each piece. Each clock features a light spot synchronized to its cuckoo underlining its highly dynamic performance.

There is a repertoire of works to choose from, including traditional folk songs from various countries, classical scores by Beethoven and Bach, and a modern composition in the style of minimal music.

All works have been rendered with the original cuckoo flute sound: higher pitched for the sopranos, lower for the basses. The cuckoo clocks' traditional character is fully retained while the different works with their choreographies enable the birds to act as a lively and emotionally touching ensemble.

The CooCooChoir's remote controlled or fully automated live performance every quarter hour is the perfect attention magnet for your trade show booth, your event, and your company lobby.

We take requests: Extend CooCooChoir's music repertoire with new and exciting pieces. Create your customized, truely unique performance!

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World Expo Shanghai 2010
Building B2 - Urban Best Practice Area, Freiburg Pavillon 01.05.10 - 31.10.10

Selected for the permanent collection @ Museum of Expo 2010 Shanghai China. From 01.12.2010

Torsten Belschner: Idea, Realization, Software, Arrangements
Rombach + Haas: Black Forest Clocks
Alexander Grebtschenko: Composition CooCoo Phasing, Arrangements
Katharina Binz: Project Support