Semantic Panoramic Web Browser

CloudBrowsing radically extends the plain-vanilla web browser window to a large three-dimensional cylinder. On its surface all pieces of information gradually pile up. Step by step, they form a multi-layered audiovisual mosaic. The relationships between all displayed topics are rendered both aurally and visually.
In addition, CloudBrowsing offers information semantically related to the current topic. All pieces of information cluster like raindrops, forming clouds. Browsing the web creates a huge audio-visual landscape that makes the web's enormous scale palpable to feeling as to sight.

The music displays the current information layout by means of patterns. These originate from three synchronous sonic layers.
New information is presented in the frontmost layer, the foreground. Each visual icon is associated its individual musician playing a part. Six musicians make up an ensemble, performing a musical miniature. All of the 60+ miniatures are musically compatible.
From the foreground an ensemble fades into the mid-ground after some time. It stays until its successor takes over and fades into the dynamically shimmering background. There the orchestra of 400 simultaneously active musicians creates new secretly whispering patterns emerging from the sheer mass of their instruments.
When hovering over visual icons with the cursor, the associated musicians step up to the mid-ground. For a brief moment, they make up an ad-hoc ensemble, together playing a yet unheard sonic pattern.
Each ensemble's musical style is chosen depending on its relationship to the previous search. Structured this way, the links between all topics become audible.

A handy little touch screen lets the user navigate the web. He can comfortably click on, leaf thru his search history, or initiate his or her own search queries. In addition, a selection of related themes is displayed next to the main topic, hinting at unexpected connections and relationships.

Mobile Installation
The mobile version of CloudBrowsing is easily shipped and set up. The installation integrates well with environments of nearly all sizes. Please call for availability and pricing.

Shown at PanoramaLabor ZKM Karlsruhe, 30.04.09 - 30.10.09

Bernd Lintermann, Torsten Belschner, Werner A. König, Mahsa Jenabi - Authors
dataphonic - Audio concept, Audio software, Audio design
Bernd Lintermann - Visual concept and Panoramic software
Mahsa Jenabi, Markus Nitsche, Werner A. König - Interaction concept and Realization
Matthias Gommel - Interface Design
ZKM Institut for Visual Media in cooperation with AG Human-Computer Interaction, University of Konstanz - Production
Manfred Hauffen, Jan Gerigk, Petra Kaiser, Nikolaus Völzow, Arne Gräßer, Joachim Tesch - Production and Technical Realization

Sponsored by BW-FIT and
DFG GK-1042 "Explorative analysis and visualization of large data spaces".

Fotos, Video coming soon.