Project Eavesdrop

Customer NYID Productions Melbourne

Format Interactive installation with cylindric 360°-projection and surround sound

Project leader audio
Specification audio hardware
Architecture and implementation audio software

Realized 2004

Melbourne International Arts Festival, ACMI 2004
QUT Brisbane 2004
The Sydney Festival 2005


Eavesdrop is effectively a 9-minute film comprising six separate three-act vignettes stitched seamlessly together into a 360 degree panorama. Set in a nightclub, the film shows 10 characters endlessly playing out the moral dilemmas of the same 9 minutes of their lives. While the storylines are fixed and play out in real time, users/viewers can navigate their own paths through the material by panning and zooming across the stories using an interface located on a rotating platform. As one zooms in on a specific vignette, the vision is enlarged and that specific soundtrack becomes louder, simultaneously hushing the ambient sounds of the club and effectively allowing viewers to 'Eavesdrop' on the stories. In addition, the ten characters each have their own 'inner landscape', a short film that can be triggered by a close-up zoom function. These vary both stylistically and emblematically, functioning as filmic thought bubbles that require the viewer to do some work in making the links. (Martin Thiele)

David Pledger, Jeffrey Shaw (Direction, Script)
Martin Thiele (Producer)
Dolfi Matthias (Graphics Software)