Project New Swiss Railroad Stations
Customer SBB, Swiss Railway Corp.
Project RAVE Audio-Engine /
XRAI Audio-Framework
Project SonoMorphis
Genetic graphics and Sound
Project Planet m
Customer Bertelsmann Group
Project Mercedes S-Class
Customer Daimler
Project System Interactive Theater
Gesture-driven performance system for interactive stage productions
Project Alexander Scriabin's LUCE
Customer Salzburg Festival
Project Eavesdrop
Customer NYID Melbourne
Project Web of Life
Customer ZKM Karlsruhe
Project Autostadt Wolfsburg
Customer Volkswagen

Project Music Box Rheingold
Customer ZKM Karlsruhe
Project The Room With A View
Customer VW Autostadt
Project NewFoundLand
Customer Luxembourg, European Culture Capital
Project Place-Urbanity
Customer iCinema Sydney
Project Sonification of Sensor Data
Customer Vorwerk / Product-Sound
Project TVS – TV's 50th Anniversary
Customer Triad Berlin
Project Si Poteris Narrare, Licet
Customer Epidemic Paris
Project SensorBand
Customer Children's Academy Fulda
Project Water Crater
Customer arch + mind Berlin
Project Advanced Ramification Synthesis
Customer Biennale Munich
Project Besuchszeit
Customer Opera Bonn
Project Media Operas
Customer ZKM Karlsruhe
Project Perm
Customer Epidemic Paris
Project Etudes d'après Séraphin
Customer Wolfgang Rihm
    Project PianoPlayer
Classics Performance System
Project The Human Heart
Customer Children's Academy Fulda
    Project AML. Architecture Music Lab
Customer ZKM Karlsruhe